‘The U is Back’

The days of national championship supremacy for Miami have long gone, but there is certainly optimism for most fans. But as mentioned in the title, ‘The U is back’ is a term thrown ablut by hardcore fans are truth. Miami is definitely on the verge of being a GREAT team. However, the term is not something that should be taken seriously. The Miami rebuild requires patience among fans, but the utter mention of the term simply raises expectations for a rising program that has certainly struggled in recent years. This term referred to the 2000 seasons which were teams that repeatedly won championships and beat up on rivals, something that CANNOT be compared, until either are true. But the truth is, Miami IS getting better, no matter they have lost to FSU in a row. (Hint: 7) However, the term is a metaphor which is simply implying something very idiotic. Miami will continue to get better, but whether that includes national championships, or even an ACC title (Currently have 0) remains to be seen.

By: Bennett DeMersseman

Twitter: @BenCoalition

I guess you got this guy to lead you..



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